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In a campus-wide email sent on May 6, President Jeffrey Armstrong previewed several changes due to COVID-19’s impact on university revenue.

“It is clear that Cal Poly’s budget will be significantly impacted over the next two to three years,” Armstrong wrote.

To start, Cal Poly is pausing most hiring efforts and not filling certain positions previously available due to retirement or turnover, Armstrong wrote. 

In addition, Armstrong wrote the university needs to “modernize, optimize and centralize administrative functions to more effectively eliminate redundancies and inefficiencies and create cost savings.” A 2017 California State University (CSU) audit showed Cal Poly disproportionately increased the number of administrators and their wages compared to faculty without justification.

While the CSU-wide travel ban has been extended to July 31, Armstrong said travel restrictions will likely be implemented to help reduce costs in the future.

There have been no university employees furloughed at this time, according to University Spokesperson Matt Lazier. However, Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) and Cal Poly Corporation have temporarily furloughed some student employees and part-time interim employees.

In an email to all state employees, CSU Chancellor Timothy White said revenues are down and costs are up across the system.

“We believe the situation will only worsen in the fiscal year ahead. Thankfully, we have reserves to help offset some of our one-time expenses. But belt tightening remains inevitable,” White wrote.

While the status of fall quarter is still uncertain, Cal Poly is still “optimistic and planning for students returning to campus and a return to some in-person, face-to-face instruction,” President Armstrong wrote in an email to students Wednesday morning.

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