Computer science graduate student Marcus Henry Karr, 33, was released from custody Wednesday following police questioning.

Karr was detained Wednesday afternoon after being accused of making bomb threats on the No. 5 bus of SLO City Transit. He was questioned by the San Luis Obispo Police Department and his case was sent to the District Attorney’s office.

Karr is temporarily suspended while the university reviews his case and is under a stay away order barring him from campus entirely.

The threats were made early Wednesday morning when Karr announced there was bomb on one of the SLO City Transit buses and handed out fliers detailing a “PREEMPTIVE WAR” against “WITCHES and SATANISTS and DEVILS and POSSESSED.”

Karr told bus passengers he was a performance artist similar to Shia LaBoeuf, a statement he also included in a letter to Mustang News the day before he was arrested.

The buses were shut down for a majority of the day, but resumed their usual routes Wednesday afternoon after being searched for bombs.

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