Cal Poly’s largest laboratory is being renewed

“Architecture Graveyard” no more: Cal Poly’s Experimental Construction Laboratory is being revitalized.

“Architecture Graveyard” needs serious repair — and new name

College of Architecture and Environmental Design dean Christine Theodoropoulos is meeting with administrators to discuss removing or renovating some of the “Architecture Graveyard” buildings.

How to become an official SLO resident

You’re all settled in your dorm room. You have thousands of pictures covering your walls and bulletin board. Your extra-long twin bed is made. You have everything in the perfect spot. Now what? Get out of that dorm room! Whether you have lived in the same city your whole life or have moved around to all 50 states, everyone has the same chance to explore the interesting city where you’re attending college. With luck, you will be spending four — or more — amazing years in San Luis Obispo. It is never too early to discover what your favorite hangouts and activities will be.