5-Minute Update: Meet artist Lauren Manning

Mustang News anchor Olivia DeGennaro talks to Lauren Manning, whose art focuses on the idea that people define themselves based on intangible internal structures, such as thoughts and emotions, in this special Mustang News broadcast.

Art Central, a store for artists by artists

Art Central isn’t your everyday arts and crafts store. Selling professional-grade materials, Art Central is a match made in heaven for any local artist, art student or someone that simply wants to dabble in the arts a bit more.

Top five slam poets who have visited Cal Poly

Aryn Sanderson asanderson@mustangdaily.net I asked George Watsky to my high school prom. I like to think he just never got the Myspace message. I wish I could say I’m low-key obsessed with slam poetry, but really I’m a slam slut.…

Capelton performance at Downtown Brew canceled

Downtown Brewing Co. canceled Wednesday night’s reggae performance after a number of groups voiced concerns about the performer’s anti-gay lyrics.