ASI Board of Directors candidates: Part I

The College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences is comprised of 3,701 students and nine departments. There are five seats available on the Board of Directors for this college and voting begins on May 5.

BLOG: UU Plaza construction expanded

Construction continues on the UU because of an additional expansion that was approved in February.

ASI rewards student input with cookies

The ASI event, Cookies for Comments, is a way for students to voice their concerns over student government in exchange for a cookie.

Magician Daniel Martin to mystify in Chumash

Magician Daniel Martin will bring magic, escapes and comedy to Chumash Auditorium from 8 to 10 tonight.

ASI to experience 10 percent budget cut

ASI’s business staff are working with a 10 percent budget reduction the coming year, due to the projected 10 percent reduction in Cal Poly enrollment.

Indie musician Ingrid Michaelson to perform at the market

Ingrid Michaelson, known for hit “The Way I Am,” is performing at Music in the Market Thursday.

ASI leadership find answers to student questions

More than 300 students submitted questions or concerns about fewer classes being offered, furloughs and facility projects at “Dollar Dilemmas.”

Veritas forum leads to crowds, questions

The Cal Poly Veritas Forum has been presented annually at Cal Poly since 2001, is sponsored by Campus Crusade (SLO Crusade), Associated Students Inc. and the national Veritas Forum.

Improv comedy groups to bring laughs to Chumash

The Second City and Upright Citizens Brigade Theaters will perform off-the-cuff and sketch comedy in the first improv series on campus the next two Friday nights. Cal Poly’s own Improv group, Smile and Nod, will open for UCB January 29.

ASI president minimum GPA requirement turned into law

A university bylaw, concerning the minimum GPA requirement for ASI presidents, passed Wednesday, in preparation for the coming ASI presidential elections.

Guest commentary

Veritas, Latin for truth, claims balanced inquiry into the historical evidence and contemporary relevance of Jesus Christ and the Christian faith. It is sponsored by SLO Crusade and our Associated Students, Inc.