Campus construction ongoing

Construction in the University Union Plaza began in June 2009. It is funded by money from ASI reserves. The UU is set to reopen in April 2010.

A look into ASI president’s progress

Kelly Grigss was elected last spring as ASI president on a 5-point platform including affordability, statewide representation, sustainability, diversity, and student access to services. She has made strides this year by addressing each of these points.

ASI to host four-day budget debate

Associated Student Inc. will be holding a budget crisis debate series Monday through Thursday on Dexter Lawn, allowing students to voice their concerns about the economic disaster.

Controversial movie marketed in new ways

“The Fourth Kind” a controversial paranormal thriller was screened early and free for Cal Poly students on Monday in a special marketing effort by NBC Universal.

ASI haunted house scares Poly students

Menacing clowns, dead brides, Frankenstein and the grim reaper are just some of the highlights students enjoyed while walking through the dark maze of the Haunted House in Chumash Auditorium Tuesday night.

ASI haunted house looks to frighten students

Foggy graveyards, twisted labyrinths, and dark dungeons are just some of the frightening treats Associated Student Inc. (ASI) hopes to scare students with in their first haunted house tomorrow night.

Cal Poly to see an increase in campus clubs

About 12 more clubs are expected to join the 286 current clubs on campus by the Oct. 23 deadline for submitting club charters.

Busy summer no breaks for Griggs

Cal Poly ASI President Kelly Griggs spent the summer dealing with a variety of influential issues affecting students, one of the most important being fee increases.

City council delays decision on party policies

More than 130 people attended the SLO City Council meeting Tuesday night, where San Luis Obispo Police Chief Deb Linden presented five strategies to deal with the noise and partying in the community.

Students pumped about new gym

The temporary exercise facility in the Cal Poly Recreation Center is now open and in constant use with gym goers. The opening occurred as scheduled by Associated Students Inc. (ASI) on Sept. 15.

Market music replaces UU entertainment

Construction in the UU plaza has caused ASI to move the UU hour concert series, cut back on the number of bands playing per quarter and create a new music event called Fan Fest.