Mustang Band freshmen march to a different beat of WOW

While the majority of freshman will spend their WOW week playing name games, surfing or kayaking, the Mustang Band WOWies are up at 7 a.m. for band camp, rehearsing for their first gig.

Student band brings humor to any situation

A mixture of Flight of the Concords-style humor, Creedence Clearwater Revival’s bluesy guitar/folk-feel and a Beastie Boys blend of rock and rap, the band creates a new genre with their music.

BLOG: Cal Poly band brings energy to the court

Whenever they weren’t playing their instruments, the pep band members were cheering their lungs out for the women on the volleyball court.

Band blends lyrical styles in sophomore album

Port O’Brien’s new album “Threadbare” works better as a full album and captures the experience of growth and change.

Wind Ensemble puts memories of D-Day to music

This Saturday Cal Poly’s University Wind Orchestra and Wind Ensemble will put on its concert “Visions,” in which the sacrifice and glory of D-Day will be reenacted through music.

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