Best is the Road Toward Roadless

“With active threats against the survival of American wilderness still present, active measures must be taken to protect and preserve them.”

President Barack Obama: The great divider

We’ve all had times in our lives where people just get on our nerves.

Cal State to support Obama higher education plan

The California State University is looking to work with federal lawmakers on controversial plans to enhance accountability across higher education.

Obama higher ed plan could bring perks, pressure to Cal Poly

Cal Poly makes daily efforts to appeal to prospective students, alumni and donors, but administrators might have a new critic to impress: The White House.

In defense of Christie

Ashley Pierce is a political science freshman and Mustang Daily conservative columnist. Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey was Republicans’ Christ-like figure just last year. He was set to single-handedly save the party and bring it back to popular standing…

Obama again chosen by youth vote

Victoria Billings Cal Poly Democrats President Kayla Clark never could have predicted the results of Tuesday night’s election. The political science sophomore, along with the rest of the election viewing party attendees at The Graduate, was confident before polls…

Presidential Election Moments

Obama advertisement accuses Romney of killing a woman A television ad produced by a pro-Obama super-PAC featured a former steelworker who said he could not afford healthcare for his wife who was dying of cancer. His company was purchased and…

GOP creates 'Crossroad Generation'

During his 2008 campaign, President Obama related to young voters in a special way, promising jobs under the elusive, ambiguous motto of “change.” For many, he’s been a shoulder to cry on, but unfortunately not much more than that. In…

Alumna wins Teacher of the Year

A Cal Poly graduate received one of the highest educational honors in the country last week when she was named the 62nd National Teacher of the Year. Rebecca Mieliwocki, who studied as an undergraduate in Cal Poly’s communication studies department in…