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Hughes named new police chief

George Hughes, who’s spent the last two years as the chief of police at the Colorado School of Mines Police Department, has been named the new chief of the University Police Department, according to a Call Poly news release. He’s set to succeed former chief Bill Watton, who announced his retirement in December after 10 […]

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Student arrested after chase

The Avenue turned into the setting for a police drama Wednesday, as a student ran through the campus dining facility with a police officer on his heels. Police originally stopped the student for skateboarding on campus, University Police Department (UPD) Chief Bill Watton said. The student allegedly gave the officer false information, and when the […]

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Police cracks down on distracted driving

Walking around campus, it is not particularly difficult to find someone just asking to have a run in with the law. Skateboarders cruise down Perimeter Road, bikers run through stop signs and hardly anyone obeys the 15 mph speed limit down the hill to Poly Canyon Village. But this month is devoted to bringing attention […]

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Police act on turkey attacks

Students living in the University Housing residence halls and apartments may have seen a somewhat odd University Police Department (UPD) safety advisory late last week. It was a far cry from the typical signs notifying students of crimes such as theft and assaults on campus. The suspect? “Male Tom Turkey,” the police advisory read. And […]

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Dead body found in campus parking lot

Update: The body found in the vehicle has been identified as physics freshman Osvaldo Ponce. The gas in the vehicle was identified as hydrogen sulfide.  The gas is “colorless, flammable, extremely hazardous gas with a ‘rotten egg’ smell,” according to the Occupational Safety and and Health Administration (OSHA) website. Exposure to high levels of hydrogen […]

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Police chief retires to focus on family

University Police Department (UPD) Chief Bill Watton retired last December after more than 11 years at Cal Poly. Though he is technically finished at UPD, Watton does not plan to step down as acting police chief until a replacement is found. Family dynamics factored into his decision to retire, he said. Watton’s mother and sister […]