15-Minute update: Bishop’s peak accident, SLODOCO raises money for Kennedy Love, and SLO Transit changes

Mustang News anchors Tabata Gordillo and Brian Truong have this week’s top stories.

Cal Poly’s fitness phenomenon

We should strive to dismantle the fat and skinny dichotomy; doing so is the best way to remedy our narrow perception of the “normal” college student.

So spring has sprung: now what?

[slideshow] Welcome back, everyone. Does anyone else feel like spring break was a bit too short? Yeah, me too. Here we are in spring quarter, which means the weather is going to be tempting us more and more to skip…

Get out of the dorms and explore SLO

Leila Durmaz is a journalism freshman and Mustang Daily freshman columnist. The first week of classes will soon turn into the first month, the first quarter and, quickly, the first year of college. Is it just me, or does it…

Being the newbie in the newsroom

Hello there. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jennifer Young, and I am this year’s news editor for the Mustang Daily. My job and goal is to give the readers of the Mustang Daily the news. Sounds simple…

Woman suffers fall on Bishop Peak

An 18-year-old woman fell 30 feet on Bishop’s Peak Monday morning. Rescue crews were attempting to reach her at 12:30 p.m.