The San Luis Obispo Police Department has identified the remains of a body found on Bishop’s Peak last December as Charles Leader, a 36-year-old man from Florida. 

A hiker going off-trail found Leader’s skeletal remains on Dec. 10, according to a San Luis Obispo Police press release. 

“It’s hard to say exactly how long he had been up there, but several months at least is what it looks like,” Detective Sergeant Aaron Schafer told Mustang News.

The police were able to identify the body from his dental records, but the coroner’s office has yet to determine the exact cause of death.

“There are no obvious signs of a suspicious death whatsoever,” Schafer said. A “suspicious death” would mean that another person was involved in the leading up to his death.

Schafer said the police will not be actively investigating the case any further unless the coroner’s office finds new evidence during the autopsy.

The last time anyone can be sure Leader was alive was in October 2020, when he called his mother in Florida. His mother has since been notified of his death. 

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