Truth in Advertising Act gains momentum, then stalls

Lindsy Mobley [follow id=”lindsy_mobley”] Most advertisements, if not all, are Photoshopped. The advertisements that discretely land in our peripheral vision with our every turn are usually undeniably airbrushed. And yet, even knowing this, we all idolize, idealize and fantasize about…

30-Minute Update: Sheriff’s Office investigates sexual assault, monarch butterflies migrate to Pismo

Mustang News anchors Michelle Logan and Dillon Payne recap Mustang News’ biggest stories this week.

5-Minute Update: Red Radish salad bar now open, 20 million dollar donation announced

Mustang News anchor Allison Edmonds covers today’s top stories at Cal Poly.

Eating disorders and Cal Poly

Sam Gilbert is a journalism sophomore and Mustang Daily health columnist.  We all have our days when we don’t feel that great about ourselves. Believe it or not, there has been a time when every single person hasn’t felt completely…

Olympic swimmer addresses eating disorders

Seven time olympic medal winner in swimming, Amanda Beard, addresses the public for the first time ever about her struggle with bulimia. Beard hopes that by telling her story, she will encourage those with eating disorders to seek help.