BLOG: Business and economic students limited to one concentration

Business and economics students will no longer be able to declare more than one concentration due to budget cuts.

Guest commentary: Cal Poly Corp. records should be transparent

Institutions sheltered from taxes should be transparent. Period. Let’s all work together to get rid of obscure auxiliary organizations and make this a better, more affordable and more transparent place to go to school.

Resurgence of bartering an economic indicator that may offer hope for the future

Many businesses throughout the world are beginning to return to the traditional way of doing business that existed long before the creation of governments: bartering.

Future of innovation is reliant on nature

Biomimicry is the redesign of industrial processes and products based on new understandings of how natural systems and creatures accomplish similar ends — and it may be the most promising branch of the growing sustainable design movement.

Future entrepreneurs: take risks while you’re young

Not very many people have the smarts and the courage it takes to go their own way, to break out of the security of a stable career path and to venture out into the rocky, winding road of entrepreneurship, where both risks and rewards lie waiting around every bend.

Respect talent: don’t steal your entertainment

During the past decade, online piracy has become rampant and a blatant disregard for artistic copyright socially acceptable. Online piracy isn’t just theft, it’s theft of the very artistic talent we claim to value the most.

Women prefer men with something tender about them

Wealth is a product of the values of creativity, resourcefulness, ambition, intelligence and responsibility. Although money itself has a dollar sign in front, it represents much deeper values that by themselves don’t.

Business as usual: All Wall Street’s a stage

Despite the rhetoric, the Obama administration (and the Bush administration previously) seems to have little interest in encouraging a genuine understanding of the roots of the crisis. After all, a true explanation would take into account all the facts, not just those that are politically correct.