Avoiding Career Fair woes

Career Fair can be discouraging if you leave without an interview, but here’s how you can move forward.

Tips for the summer job search

Spring Career Fair is the perfect opportunity to obtain your dream summer internship or job.

Career Services offers opportunities beyond Spring Career Fair

Summer is on the horizon, and Spring Career Fair may seem like the last chance for students to meet with employers on campus.

Inside the Fall Career Fair: What to expect

If there’s anything that makes a college student want to stay in school as long as possible, it’s the fear that comes with searching for a job in the real world.

Grad school could be for you

Elyse Lopez elyselopez.md@gmail.com Every student will face a time in their college career when they must decide if a bachelor’s degree is enough to propel them to where they want to be in life. Taking advantage of Career Fairs and…

Bulletproof résumés and cover letters

Amanda Margozzi amandamargozzi.md@gmail.com After a skim of a cover letter and a glance of a résumé, a possible employer will determine whether an applicant is worthy of an interview. However, companies at the Winter Career Fair are looking at more…

Career fair heavy on technical employers

This disparity is often perceived by students as prejudice, or even favoritism, on the part of Cal Poly Career Services.

Employers check social résumés

Checking in on social media sites is becoming more prevelant in the modern job hunt, according to Cal Poly Career Services counselor Charlotte Rinaldi. The line dividing professional from personal life is now blurred, Rinaldi said. According to her, though…