Cal Poly Campus Dining partnered with Grubhub to combat the spread of COVID-19, according to the Campus Dining Website. With this partnership, Cal Poly Corporation is paying for the transaction fee, which was also reduced.

Students order on their phone and then choose whether to pay with their dining dollars or a separate credit card. They can track the progress of their order and receive a message when it is ready. The app also gives a rough estimate of when the food is going to be ready. The university itself is not covering the cost, but Cal Poly Corporation is covering the transaction fee, according to Cal Poly Corporation communications specialist Aaron Lambert.

Cal Poly Corporation is a nonprofit university auxiliary that supports Cal Poly, according to Lambert. Their services include Campus Dining, the University Store, and Cal Poly Downtown along with many others, according to their website.  

Lambert said that about two years ago, Cal Poly Corporation looked for an app that would accept both credit cards and dining dollars. Tapingo was chosen, then in 2018 Tapingo became Grubhub. 

Lambert said that Grubhub’s transaction fee is normally 59 cents. However, Campus Dining was able to negotiate with Grubhub and reduce the fee to 29 cents and exempted at Vista Grande Dining Complex, Lambert said.

Lambert also said that with each of the 2,600 average transactions per day, there is a 29 cent fee per transaction. According to this formula, Cal Poly Corporation is spending $754 a day on transaction fees. 

This extra cost does not take any money out of other programs that Cal Poly Corporation is involved in, Lambert said. Although, if the university could not cover this cost, Lambert said it would not be a dealbreaker.”During a normal academic year customers pay the transaction fee just like other app-based meal purchases,” Lambert said.

Grubhub is also making it easier for the dining staff, as it gives the staff tickets with certain customizations, Lambert said. The service also makes it safer for staff and students by creating a contactless experience, he said.  

Lambert said the school plans to still use Grubhub even after COVID-19 regulations are no longer necessary. “It has proven over the past year to be very popular on campus and off campus for restaurants,” Lambert said.

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