Mustang Minute: Cats in Kennedy

Cats and Cal Poly students got a little extra love in the library on Thursday. Christina Favuzzi sees how the cats help students relax before finals.

Mustang News, Dec. 4, 2013: Community responds to new student housing

Christina Favuzzi [follow id= “ChristinaFav”] Mustang News anchor Christina Favuzzi recaps today’s biggest news at Cal Poly.

Mustang Minute: Cal Poly gives gifts to community members

Christina Favuzzi [follow id= “ChristinaFav”] When we think of the holidays, we often think about getting gifts. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to unwrap a present this holiday season. But Cal Poly’s Center for Community Engagement is working to…

Mustang News Weekly Recap, Nov. 21, 2013: Themed party sparks debate, Meningitis outbreak reaches Central Coast

Christina Favuzzi and Trent Merfeld [follow id= “ChristinaFav”][follow id= “MerfyMerf”] Mustang News anchors Christina Favuzzi and Trent Merfeld recap Mustang News’ biggest stories this week.

Mustang Minute: Cal Poly students launch Homeslice roommate app

Christina Favuzzi [follow id= “ChristinaFav”] Living with your roommates might get a little easier thanks a to new Cal Poly created app. Christina Favuzzi catches up with the creators to see how it works.

Mustang Minute: Monarch butterflies return to Central Coast

Christina Favuzzi [follow id= “ChristinaFav”] The Monarch butterflies have returned to the Central Coast and the Pismo State Beach Butterfly Grove is teeming with them. Christina Favuzzi reports from Pismo.

Mustang Minute: Safer hosts Healthy Sex on Dex

Christina Favuzzi [follow id= “ChristinaFav”]

Financial Aid Office to cancel unaccepted federal loans

If you haven’t accepted your financial aid loan yet, you have until Nov. 22 until it is cancelled.

But you have accepted a loan, signed a promissory note, completed loan counseling and you received a check, you are fine.

Mustang Minute: Cal Poly celebrates Dia de los Muertos

Christina Favuzzi [follow id= “ChristinaFav”] UU Plaza was more colorful than usual on Thursday. The Multicultural Center hosted a Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, celebration. For Latino American students, the day was an opportunity to share…

Cal Poly’s architecture program named best in the nation

Ashley Whittingham [follow id= “smashleywhitt”] Cal Poly’s undergraduate architecture program was named the best in the Greenway Group’s 2014 survey of America’s top architecture schools. The survey asked 693 professional architecture firms and corporations which universities best prepare students for…

Mustang Minute: freedom of speech display on Dexter Lawn

Christina Favuzzi [follow id= “ChristinaFav”] The Cal Poly Republicans Club has built a fake Berlin Wall on Dexter Lawn where students have the opportunity to express their thoughts and opinions. “Looking over this, some of these things, they offend me,…