Cal Poly builds award-winning team of home builders

The team won sixth place out of 39 schools at an annual construction management competition last week in Las Vegas.

UAG displays Type Directors Club design winners

The Type Directors Club 55th International Traveling Show of typography competition winners is on display for the first time in the University Art Gallery now through Feb. 20.

An academic edge with potential for addiction

Especially in the college environment, the use of Adderall is seen as socially acceptable, similar to binge drinking on the weekends. Like all other ADHD and ADD prescription drugs it’s a central nervous system stimulant. It allows users’ brains to concentrate more efficiently because it increases the levels of dopamine and norepinephrine.

Corporation opening its books is good news

As it stands, few things on campus are price comparable with off-campus, let alone competitive. And is it any surprise when you think about the services?

Future entrepreneurs: take risks while you’re young

Not very many people have the smarts and the courage it takes to go their own way, to break out of the security of a stable career path and to venture out into the rocky, winding road of entrepreneurship, where both risks and rewards lie waiting around every bend.

Fourteen? Not a problem

The Mustangs have achieved the top spot in the Big West Conference while boasting a mere 14-player roster. Yet, head coach Jenny Condon sees it as a blessing in disguise. “It benefits the players; there is lot more one-on-one and individual (coaching) with each player; in the long run they will see these benefits,” she said.