Students to humble crowd with spoken word event

“Humble Me” is a spoken word event that will be held at Downtown Boba on June 6.

The truth about guns: Regulation, attitudes, safety on campus

“This is the ‘evil’ AR-15, the one they are always trying to ban,” Dylan Hardy yells over the sound of firearms, aiming the device at a metal target. The shells fly in all directions each time a shot is fired.

Year’s last ATOG proves ‘poetry is contagious’

Kelly Trom The sound of snapping, whoops of agreement and resounding “Word!”s filled Chumash Auditorium as the final Another Type of Groove (ATOG) of the year unfolded Wednesday evening. Organized by the MultiCultural Center, the spoken word event gave the…

Minorities bond across cultures

He was the only black student in most of his classes and his dorm. As a minority, Smith (not his actual name, see editor’s note below) found himself isolated from Cal Poly by his race. Monday, he will bring together others…

Cal Poly professor writes book on Native American symbolism in Catholicism

Cal Poly Ethnic Studies Assistant Professor Kathleen Martin co-wrote and edited a book on the use of Native American symbolism and traditions within the Catholic Church.

Be a conscious coffee addict

We have a rich cultural heritage in coffee, and though many people still cling to the old health myths, recent studies are discovering that the regular use of coffee holds health benefits ranging from a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes to the possible prevention of Alzeimers.

SLO Mission plays host to various musical groups

Cal Poly’s Music Ensembles will give a benefit chamber concert at Old Mission church Feb. 6 at 8 p.m.

Cal Poly professor reads poetry in Philips Hall

Cal Poly professor and award-winning poet Kevin Clark, author of “Self-Portrait with Expletives,” read selections of his poetry at Philips Hall Thursday night.

Tibetan Buddhist Monks visit Cal Poly to create unique art

Tibetan Buddhist monks will create a sand-painted mandala and perform sacred music and dances this week. San Luis Obispo is hosting the monks as they travel the world with The Mystic Arts of Tibet tour.

Alcohol-free entertainment options abound in SLO

Bored on a Friday night? Can’t find anything to do? Looking for a reason to get out of the house without draining your bank account at the bars or the liquor store?