The digital booty call

The digital age has ushered in more finger-to-phone typing than face-to-face talking. This not only changes the way people interact with each other, but it is shaking the grounds of how dating works today.

Will you accept this rose?: Q&A with “The Bachelorette’s” Kasey Stewart

Kasey Stewart — better known as “The Hashtag Guy” — made a name for himself on the most recent season of “The Bachelorette” as #marriagematerial.

Networking the heart: students, dating and technology

Alexandria Scott It all started with a Cal Poly hashtag. A few months ago, anthropology and geography senior Paige Hernandez uploaded a picture of the beach to Instagram with “#calpoly” in the description. Among the likes and comments from local friends,…

Tips and tricks to making your Valentine’s Day a special holiday

Amanda Margozzi Dating etiquette has certainly changed since the days of Jane Austen’s romance novels, but that does not mean chivalry is dead. Whether you are going on a first date this Valentine’s Day or taking out your boyfriend…

Looking for summer love? Don’t use Craigslist!

Summer love is an enticing thought to fill in lonely days. The choice to turn to Craigslist or find someone in person is a decision that needs to be made.

Beauty and judgment in the dating Web site era

Your professor could judge you based on your lack of understanding of “Crime and Punishment,” someone on the bus could disapprove of your choice of clothes, hairstyle or music, or the cashier at the drugstore could judge your purchase of lube and candy canes.