Administration looks into reports of fraternity parties

Dean of Students Jean DeCosta is looking into three reported fraternity parties that took place while greek life members were still on social probation.

Parties during probation hint at challenges ahead for new greek life policies

On Wednesday, greek leaders and administrators agreed on a party registration compromise with rules that are even more nuanced and, therefore, more difficult to enforce than the complete ban we’ve seen the past five weeks.

Panhellenic president expects to end greek probation by next Friday

DeCosta, Humphrey, and O’Hagan were all supportive of the new policy proposed by greek council presidents,

New draft of greek party registration policy under discussion

All three greek council presidents have proposed a new draft of the party registration policy, which they will be reviewing in meetings with administrators Thursday, Interfraternity Council (IFC) president Domenic Hjerpe said on Tuesday night.

With negotiations stalled, greeks question probation

Photo Illustration by Zach Maher/Staff Photographer All fraternities and sororities are still on social probation as greek leaders work with administrators on amending the proposed party registration policy. Brooke Sperbeck [follow id=”BrookeSperbeck7″] Greek leaders are still questioning the validity of…

Greek life still on probation after Thursday meeting

Even if administrators had approved all revised changes to the policy, the draft still would not have been passed Thursday.

Panhellenic president: Greek life likely to be on probation for second consecutive weekend

All nine Panhellenic chapters’ national organizations have concerns about the policy and are being consulted during the negotiation process.

Greeks negotiations with dean delayed until Wednesday

Greek leaders are aiming for the end of this week to reach a compromise with administrators, but anything could happen.

Greek shutdown: Feeling the effects of social probation

Four fraternity events were cancelled this past weekend because of the probation, IFC President and business administration junior Domenic Hjerpe said.

Starkey’s death reverberates five years later

It’s been a half-decade since Julia and Scott Starkey sent their son Carson, an architectural engineering freshman at the time, to Cal Poly for the start of what were supposed to be some of the best years of his life.

Greek life grows with IFC recruitment

The Interfraternity Council’s (IFC) recruitment week wrapped up successfully, Coordinator of Sororities and Fraternities Diego Silva said.