Opposition to new housing project continues

Of the attendees at a recent meeting, 40 protested the project and only one supported it.

All residence halls expecting Wi-Fi this summer

Poly Canyon Village, Cerro Vista Apartments and the Sierra Madre complex are done, Jurasin said, but the rest of the 11 residence halls still do not have access to wireless Internet.

Humphrey: New housing part of goal to bring all freshmen, sophomores on campus

“We know that students who live in the residence halls perform better academically, reach higher levels of student success, graduate at higher rates than students who don’t,” Vice President for Student Affairs Keith Humphrey said.

Mustang News, Dec. 4, 2013: Community responds to new student housing

Christina Favuzzi [follow id= “ChristinaFav”] Mustang News anchor Christina Favuzzi recaps today’s biggest news at Cal Poly.

Freshmen fight fire in Sequoia residence hall

A non-injury, electrical fire occurred in Sequoia residence hall Sunday afternoon, causing part of the building to be deemed unsafe to live in for the rest of the quarter, Cal Poly spokesperson Matt Lazier said.

A dorm-cooked meal

Fear not, young fledglings. Departing the nest may be daunting, but you don’t have to sacrifice good grub for the sake of campus life.

Living in the dorms: Tips for maximizing your dorm experience

Dorm life, while exciting, isn’t always easy. Most people have never been packed into a tiny room with two strangers, fueled only by eating campus food and caffeine (lots of caffeine). Besides the bare essentials, people rarely think of the most clutch items to bring. While dorm living is an adjustment, these 10 not-so-obvious things can transform your dorm room into a home away from home:

Students play games with autistic spectrum

For two years, mathematics senior Dara Stepanek has held a game night in Muir Hall every quarter for people in the autism spectrum (those with pervasive development disorders), and anyone else who wants to participate. The last game night was Friday.…

Cramped dorms show need for more housing

While living on-campus is an expected part of the transition into college life, a record number of first-year applicants might leave some on-campus freshmen with more roommates than expected. The last two years brought the largest pool of first-year applicants…

Tips and tricks about the residence halls

Freshman columnist talks about handling tough and not-so-tough issues in the dorms.

Know your rights: Roommates and Landlords

Cal Poly graphic communication and business senior Chaz Daum arrived home to find a note taped to her front door, informing her that the house she is renting with her three roommates will be auctioned off in two weeks.