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SLO will close downtown streets for dining on weekends, creating more space for social distancing

As more “lower-risk workplaces” begin to open throughout San Luis Obispo County, officials continue to work together to promote public safety and prevent the spread of COVID-19. San Luis Obispo County is currently in stage two of the four-stage resilience roadmap outlined by the state of California.  The city of San Luis Obispo plans to […]

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What’s still open in SLO

With San Luis Obispo County implementing a stay-at-home order, a limited amount of businesses have remained open. On Wednesday, April 22, Public Health Officer Penny Borenstein announced the reopening of four areas, including houses of worship, janitorial and housekeeping services, fabric stores and drive-in theaters in San Luis Obispo County. About 129 restaurants and cafes have […]

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Become a bartender in fifteen minutes: How students are competing for bartending bragging rights

As the clock struck 10 p.m., the bar lights dimmed, country music blasted over the loudspeakers and the crowd of students started pouring in as graphic communication senior Nicole Cullop and kinesiology senior Adele Looper warmed up their wrists to pour drinks. Dressed in cupid outfits with printed cut-outs of Malibu Rum, their job for […]



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