War on drugs puts the fight in peaceful exchange

But I’m afraid that I would not be relating the whole truth if I told you that everyone is adult enough to realize the foolishness of fighting a battle with inanimate objects.

Dorm resident arrested on suspicion of possession and intent to sell

A Cal Poly student was arrested May 13 on drug-related charges on campus. The freshman was arrested on suspicion of possessing, with the intent to sell, the hallucinatory drug dimethyltryptamine, also known as DMT.

The ‘war on drugs’: the fight against a victimless crime

Either a man has a right to himself or he does not. If he has such a right, how can it be argued that he does not have a right to also harm himself or, as in this case, commit an act which the government happens to define as harmful?

San Luis Obispo students arrested for possession of ecstacy, prescription drugs

Vigneshwaran Ramar, 20 and Wilson Lao, 21 were arrested Monday morning under suspicion of possessing ecstacy pills for sale and prescription medication. According to the police department, Ramar was arrested under suspicion of possessing 923 ecstacy pills.

Above the influence or avoiding the issues?

It’s not that I’d like being bombarded with the truth as I sit and try to let my brain be mushed by reality television, but creating a straw bully out of tobacco or marijuana isn’t only laughable but detrimental in the sense that it draws away from larger issues.