Guayaki Yerba Mate shares a taste of fair trade and culture

In South America, long days take pause as people stop to enjoy the cultural tradition of sharing a yerba mate gourd (a cup made of dehydrated vegetable shells) with friends.

Get on board with the Fair Trade Movement

From what I’ve seen, when people start reconsidering what they eat, they typically concern themselves with the health value and impact of the foods they consume on their bodies and lives. However, there are broader aspects of foods attached to the…

Downtown shop celebrates HumanKind

Humankind Fair Trade opened up in downtown San Luis Obispo on July 1. The store sells products from more than 35 countries, helping workers in the developing world.

Club brings equality to campus products

Cal Poly Fair Trade club aims to promote awareness of working conditions in third-world countries. The club is an organization aiding the prevention of child labor and fairness in the production of certain products throughout Africa.