Best of spring fashion: What's trending

Journalism junior and Mustang News fashion and trend columnist Leila Durmaz tells you about the must-have items for your spring wardrobe.

Sidewalk trends: Footwear

We admit it, we’re into those jelly sandals.

She can rope, design and ride with style

The cars halt at the stop sign between Grand Avenue and Perimeter Road, idling as clumps of students pass by on the way to class. Shoes hit the pavement as the students cross, soles hitting the alternating white stripes. Converse. Vans. Combat boots. Rainbows. Moccasins.

How to dress for sunny SLO

Within the year of a typical freshman, there are, what seem to be, an infinite amount of experiences that shape it. But as we sift through the countless experiences, we realize these things become a routine. We wake up and…

Senior project merges fashion and sustainability

Social sciences senior Melissa Soroushian will blend her passions for fashion and humanity this Friday at Creeky Tiki with her senior project, the Eco Show.