FLASH cleaning: health study examining data

The FLASH team, which studies health and habits of college students, is “cleaning up” the data it started collecting with the class of 2009, program manager and graduate student Adam Abudra said. The team is working on examining 1,571 physical…

Budgets threaten FLASH study

A Cal Poly-run study on college student health and fitness could be gone in a flash, before the study’s initial purpose has been fulfilled. FLASH, which began researching the health habits of Cal Poly students in Fall 2009 with that…

Volunteers needed in a FLASH

Preparation is underway for the final round of testing in Cal Poly’s one-of-a-kind research study: FLASH. Volunteers are needed this quarter to start training in order to be ready to test as many as 2,000 student participants in the spring, study…

Freshman test bodies before disappearing in a FLASH

Currently, FLASH is working on the Freshmen Heart Health Study, which screens newly admitted freshmen from fall quarter and tests their cholesterol and glucose.

FLASH program to evaluate Cal Poly student health over time

Cal Poly’s statistics department is helping the kinesiology department’s FLASH program organize data that will show the overall health of thousands of Cal Poly students over a period of four years.