Gear up: The guide to the perfect bike

Life’s too short to stroll in the slow lane. College living is fast-paced and requires a great quantity of movement — movement from lectures to clubs to intramural sports to study sessions to social activities galore. For those students who aren’t lucky enough to have a car on campus, a bike is the perfect companion to accompany any student to their events. The question is, though, which bike to use?

Transportation Demystified

You’re back at Cal Poly for Fall quarter — or maybe you’re here for the first time — and ready to experience all San Luis Obispo has to offer: beautiful beaches, downtown nightlife and delicious restaurants.
That is, until you realize one important detail: You don’t have a car.

Making the transition, learning the ropes

Transitioning from high school to college means less regimented schedules and parental supervision.
The people, nature and activities in San Luis Obispo make Cal Poly great, but can also make studying difficult, Student Life and Leadership Coordinator Adrienne Miller said.

Breaking down Kennedy Library floor by floor

Aside from classrooms and bathrooms, the Robert E. Kennedy Library is perhaps Cal Poly’s most useful building.

Living in the dorms: Tips for maximizing your dorm experience

Dorm life, while exciting, isn’t always easy. Most people have never been packed into a tiny room with two strangers, fueled only by eating campus food and caffeine (lots of caffeine). Besides the bare essentials, people rarely think of the most clutch items to bring. While dorm living is an adjustment, these 10 not-so-obvious things can transform your dorm room into a home away from home:

Some incoming freshmen to take remedial summer classes

A new California State University (CSU) policy taking effect this year will aim to level the playing field for undergraduates by implementing mandatory summer courses for some students. Incoming Cal Poly freshmen struggling in English and math may soon find…

Forgetful freshmen: What you didn't know you needed for college

Things that freshmen might not have realized they need when living in the residence halls.

Week eight blues — How to get through spring quarter with summer in sight

The anxiety that comes with upcoming finals is only amplified when those tests seem to be the only thing standing between you and a summer filled with sunny days at the beach free from school-related worries.

Dormcest: testing the limits of on-campus living

Hannah Croft is a journalism freshman and Mustang Daily freshman columnist.

Freshman questions Roth’s portrayal of college

J.J. Jenkins is a journalism freshman and Mustang Daily freshman columnist.

Home cooking remedies homesickness for freshman

Freshman columnist, Hannah Croft, reaps the long-desired rewards of being friends with benefits, which include the joys of a home cooked meal.