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University spokesman Matt Lazier said Cal Poly is aware of an “offensive” social media post made by two members of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity and is “investigating what course of action is available in response.”

The post (embedded below) was about the Cal Poly Sigma Kappa sorority, and called on Pi Kappa Alpha members to attract the new class of Sigma Kappa freshmen.

“…it is imperative that we get them out there this weekend so that they bring their hot heart sisters,” the post reads. “We can’t afford to let all this hot young box end up loving Persian or Lambda Chai Tea weiner.”

“PS. These girls are all Pike Virgins, just saying,” the post closes.

The post was signed by business administration senior Charles Machado and political science senior Kevin Loquaci. Machado made the post under the name “Charlie Xavier.”

Both Machado and Loquaci declined to comment for this article.

The post was first made on Facebook, generating discussion via the social media app Yik-Yak. The post eventually ended up on the social media app FADE, and was reposted to Cal Poly’s Reddit page.

Lazier said the university finds the post “offensive, degrading and not reflective of the values and conduct we expect from all members of our campus community.”

Pi Kappa Alpha President and mechanical engineering senior Ellis Good said the post is not representative of Pi Kappa Alpha.

“It was a single person’s feelings that should not have been written down,” Good said. “It’s not how we as a fraternity feel about women and those specific sororities.”

Good said he had apologized to the president of Sigma Kappa, and the fraternity wants to amend the situation and move forward.

“We’re going to apologize and do whatever we can to set the record straight,” Good said.

Good said the two members have been suspended from the fraternity. The final decision on Machado and Loquaci’s membership will be made by all the members of the fraternity chapter. The fraternity is still determining exactly what occurred, but Good said it is likely the two will be removed from Pi Kappa Alpha.

When called for comment, Sigma Kappa President and recreation, parks and tourism administration senior Olivia Orendain said she was unable to comment because of a request by the national Sigma Kappa organization.

National Sigma Kappa and Pi Kappa Alpha leadership did not return calls for comment as of Friday.

The post, via Reddit:

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  1. Those who honestly believe these students are not representative of most of the popular fraternities are kidding themselves. Freshmen parents, you need to talk to your students and warn them of all the predators and the dangers of drinking at parties with students you don’t know.

    1. Cathy, please pick up a hobby other than posting incredibly negative, accusatory, outlandish comments on mustang news articles.

    2. Chill is right, Cathy. What do you know about “most of the popular fraternities”? Just because a few members from one fraternity are discovered speaking poorly of females on the Cal Poly campus does not mean that men in fraternities are predators. Please be more careful and respectful next time you decide to give into blatant stereotypes and scapegoat an extremely beneficial and significant portion of the Cal Poly student body.

      1. I think your claim about fraternities being an “extremely beneficial” portion of the student body went out the window the second armed robbers busted into delta sigma phi trying to steal their drug money.

        1. Again, using an isolated incident to damage the entire fraternity life name. Just because of the actions of a few players on the football team and a single member in DSP, doesn’t mean either are bad organizations. Let me guess, you don’t like the entire football team now that you’ve heard 5 of them did something stupid?

          1. Considering the “single member” was the former president of the fraternity it certainly alludes to a much deeper problem. Do you honestly think that nobody over at DSP knew that drugs were being sold out of the house? Considering five members of the football team knew about it and they didn’t live there this points to it not being an isolated incident and instead something that was tolerated by the frat.

      2. Obviously the users named “Chill” and “Pull” are Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity members. This post was absolutely representative of the fraternity, when this screen shot was taken 33 brothers had already liked the post. How many do you think would have liked it if it were up longer?

        1. Thank you Sam and Brian, not sure which fraternity they are members of, certainly one. A bit missing on facts too, according to the Dean of Student’s web site, there are around 2800 members in social fraternities and sororites, all of 14% of the student body and fraternities are maybe half that or 7%, not a “significant portion”. Beneficial?? They perform 8500 hours of community service or 3 hours per year per member. They raise $50,000 towards philanthropic organizations or about $18 per member per year, (wonder what the alcohol budget is lol) and I would wager that the majority of hours and money come from the sororities. I will agree that the majority of greeks are probably not this bad, but until the minority either get these type of members out or controlled, this reputation will continue as these are the vocal members and those who disrespect women and/or victimize them.

      3. Cathy,

        Predators? Come on now Cathy, just because you did not get a bid does not mean you need to take your GDI negatively out on greek life.

  2. ITT: “What is up with all these people giving us a bad name? Not all frat members are this bad.”

    Maybe, but isn’t this missing the point? Kick the racists and misogynists to the dirt, and teach your members about respecting women and consent. Seriously this is pretty simple; show that you are more interested in the treatment of women than you are in protecting your reputation and avoiding blame, and maybe you will regain some respect. Anything short of this is worthless, and even harmful.

  3. For the record, the Mustang News staff continues to remove comments about this article they apparently don’t like. Guess the staff hasn’t been schooled on the First Amendment of the US Constitution.

    1. The first amendment protects the right to freedom of expression from government interference. Perhaps you should spend more time in class and less at parties.

      1. Duh, I guess you didn’t realize Cal Poly IS a government institution. That’s why it has STATE as part of its name.

        California Polytechnic STATE University….

        Looks like somebody needs to spend WAY more time in class. And, forget about that future legal career.

        It’s always fun to LOL at the smug and condescending!!! Go Mustangs!!!

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