Jurors hold a controversial power

I know of one way in which an individual can have power over the government by being a part of the system rather than working against it — it’s called jury duty.

The government needs to get back to basics

As a human being, I can’t think of anything more important than having rights and having them respected.

The irony of ‘too big to fail’

Under the guise of ‘too big to fail,’ federal officials have given huge sums of taxpayer money to financial institutions, which interestingly enough, an odd number of federal officials worked for these very same institutions prior to working in the administration.

Vote for freedom by getting involved

The government has the power to do just about anything, from taxing you a few percentage points, to taking thousands of dollars with income or property taxes, to imprisoning you and even in some cases, taking your life.

The Constitution: The cornerstone of America

I cannot think of a more important document when it comes to politics, our rights, and what the United States stands for than the United States Constitution.

America’s blessings should inspire Americans to change

Though our celebration was simple — healthy conversation over a delicious home-cooked meal — I am humbled to consider the condition of life outside the civilized world.

Freedom or security, you choose

The age-old dichotomy between individual freedom and security from government control is the root issue surrounding the limits on government power.

National debt, worry on the rise

Without changes, spending for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid would dramatically increase the budget deficit and debt.

Column: Protect yourself from Uncle Sam

As Americans, we expect the government to stay out of our personal lives. Unfortunately, government on both sides of party lines is having trouble doing so.

U.S. debt continues to be problem

The United States has been living outside its means for quite some time now. I think most people are probably aware of this to some extent, but I’m not sure everyone understand the consequences.

Big refund, small government

American government spending has grown exponentially over the past 50 years. In 1930, the Gross Domestic Product of the United States was $91.2 billion and total federal spending was $11.9 billion.