Future freak out: students wonder about what’s next

For seniors, graduation is just around the corner. The dog-eat-dog career world is ready for your arrival, but are you ready for it?

What to do with that criminal record before you graduate

As Cal Poly students, the vast majority of us have only had limited contact with law enforcement. However, there are a small number of us with some sort of significant criminal record.

Bars open doors at 6 a.m. for graduates. Tequila anyone?

Saturday marks the send off for another graduating Cal Poly class. As students toss their caps in the air, some are relieved about finishing five years worth of work, some thinking about the future, and some are, well, too drunk…

Officials say cuts will not impact campus diversity

California State Universities are under a mandate from the Chancellor’s Office to reduce undergraduate enrollment. Cal Poly must cut 1,648 students, but administrators said the cuts should not affect diversity on campus.

New CSU initiative to raise graduation rates

The California State University Board of Trustees announced a new graduation initiative at its board meeting Jan. 27.

Federal money to be used in spring

The federal money allocated to the California State University (CSU) system will be used to add courses and sections enabling student to graduate on time.

Graduation rates at all-time high

Cal Poly streamlined its admissions and counseling processes because of California’s budget shortfall resulting in the university’s graduation rates reaching an all-time high.

Block-scheduling approved by freshmen and colleges

With a few exceptions, most freshmen and colleges found the block-scheduling program effective.

Uncovered: Many Poly students don’t plan ahead for health coverage

As graduates are enter the “real world” they will most likely look for jobs, places to live and … health insurance. Most students do not know about health care.

Students: Know your rights in the classroom

Times have changed. With student evaluations, both in class and on the Internet, via Web sites such as Polyratings.com, students now have the ability to directly grade their professors. But how much should customer satisfaction affect education?

BLOG: Money back guarantee for jobless grads?

Should college graduates get their money back if they don’t secure employment after graduation? One New York City woman thinks so.