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For 40 years, all ASI presidents were men. How women have paved the way for student leadership today

An influx of women have been elected to U.S. Congress and San Luis Obispo’s government, where four out of five council members are female. This trend has trickled down to student leadership at Cal Poly, where six out of the last eight Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) presidents have been women. Even though this trend might […]

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A 30-year-old SLO city law is causing more students to live “off lease” — and it may be illegal

It was mid-November 1989, and San Luis Obispo City Council members were hearing the same complaints they always heard. In a classic town-and-gown battle, locals were concerned about the increasing number of Cal Poly students, and how those students went on to become neighbors of the obnoxious, loud sort. To appease citizens and better control […]