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‘In it for each other’: Understaffed SLO Days leaders raise concerns of unpaid overtime

This story comes from The Hill, a team of data analysts and reporters focused on data-driven and investigative stories at Mustang News. Click here to read more stories from The Hill. For liberal studies junior Lindsay Gonor, Cal Poly Orientation’s SLO Days program symbolizes the connection between incoming freshmen and students already adjusted to college. It was […]

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‘Callous and risky’: Immunocompromised people brace for spring quarter as Armstrong lifts mask mandate

M.W. Kaplan dreads thinking about an in-person communications theory class they are enrolled in at Cal Poly next quarter. Kaplan, a communication studies junior, said they need to take the class to graduate — but with the university lifting the indoor mask mandate across campus starting in the spring, Kaplan is not comfortable going to […]

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The man behind the maze: Cal Poly student creates mazes in the sand, washed away with the changing tides

Like clockwork, the tides in Morro Bay rise and fall every day. For just a few hours, the beach becomes a blank canvas that environmental management and protection sophomore Sean Dahlberg takes advantage of. With nothing more than a long curvy stick of driftwood and his imagination, Dahlberg gets to work.  Every project starts with […]

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Omicron goes to school: students and faculty frustrated upon return to campus amid largest COVID-19 surge

Siga aquí para leer este artículo en Español. The first week of winter quarter looked different for all students at Cal Poly this time around. As some students scrambled to make it to class on time after waiting in hour-long testing lines, other students emailed their professors informing them of their inability to attend the first […]

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The Divide: head coaches of women’s sports earn less than head coaches of men’s sports at Cal Poly

The women’s basketball team finished the 2020-2021 season with an overall record of 13-11. They also reached the semifinals of the Big West Tournament after beating Long Beach State in the quarterfinals, according to The men’s basketball team finished last season with an overall record of 4-20. Despite a recent winning season, women’s basketball […]

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Chief of Police and Clery Director respond to students’ fears following recent sexual assaults

Editor’s note: This story discusses themes including sexual violence. Environmental management and protection freshman Lauren Tillotson was shocked to receive the first Clery Act notification in her inbox on Oct. 5, which notified students of a rape in Architecture Graveyard. Within a week, a second email arrived with news of another on-campus sexual assault. “It […]

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Spilling trauma: Students from marginalized backgrounds feel pressured to write about hardship

Isabella Carrera remembers not having nearby space to run around or enjoy the outdoors growing up in Panorama City, California.  The lack of green space — which includes parks and outdoor community areas — is an accessibility issue that heavily impacts urban, low-income communities. One day, Carrera wants to own a landscape architecture firm to […]