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A senior turned her story into a sexual assault investigation of 61 student survivors

In 1995, Safer — an on-campus confidential advocacy, education and support program concerning sexual assault, sexual misconduct, dating violence, domestic violence and stalking — painted red hands at reported sexual assault locations and started the Red Handprint campaign. Twenty-three red handprints appeared in buildings, residence halls and other places on campus. In 2005, University Housing […]

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CSU-wide Title IX changes mean sexual misconduct investigations are paused and some reopened

The California State University (CSU) system mandated campuses to halt all current and appeal-pending Title IX sexual misconduct investigations while the CSU adopts a new investigative model. The new model, now required by California law, will guarantee students accused of sexual misconduct the right to cross-examine their accuser, potentially during a live hearing through an […]



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