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The Alpha Chi Omega sorority and the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity are simultaneously under investigation for alleged violations of Fraternity & Sorority Life Party Registration Procedures and Alcohol Policies.

In light of the recent blackface worn by a member of Lambda Chi Alpha, all Cal Poly Interfraternity Council fraternities and Panhellenic Association sororities have been placed on suspension. But Lambda Chi Alpha isn’t the only greek organization that has generated criticism, as several sisters of Alpha Chi Omega have allegedly acted out.

“The actions of those involved fell short of what students on this campus should expect of one another  — and what we expect of our members,” Alpha Chi Omega president Lauren Jensen wrote in an email.

Jensen said she thinks the investigation is warranted. In turn, Alpha Chi Omega has suspended the members who were involved in the incident that triggered the investigation.

“Our sorority is committed to cooperating fully with the university’s conduct office throughout its review,” Jensen said.

Zeta Beta Tau president Jacob Winter had more to say about his fraternity’s investigation.

“Things are hot right now with the campus climate, but this is an old report, what happened with us,” Winter said. “I was just notified on [May 1] that we were under investigation for something that occurred in mid-February. This is independent of the recent issue with Lambda Chi Alpha.”

Winter said that as soon as the school gives him more details, Zeta Beta Tau will look into the incident internally. Winter also noted that though the investigation his fraternity is under has similarities to the Alpha Chi Omega investigation, the two incidents are completely unrelated.

In both cases, it is not unusual for an investigation to begin months after a violation occurs. According to university spokesperson Matt Lazier, it can take a while for allegations to be heard.

“The university judicial coordinator in the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities (OSRR) reaches out to chapter presidents immediately upon receiving reports of possible policy violations,” Lazier said. “Sometimes the coordinator does not immediately hear about an allegation.”

Though it takes time for the coordinator to hear about some allegations, Lazier confirmed that investigations begin immediately upon violation reports being made, and relevant chapter presidents are contacted straight away.

Results of the Alpha Chi Omega and Zeta Beta Tau investigations are expected to surface Monday, May 7.

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