An attempted sexual assault was reported at a March 5 Delta Chi party at this location. The reported assault on March 31, which led Cal Poly to suspend the fraternity, took place at a house where three out of the seven residents are Delta Chi members. | File photo

Delta Chi has been removed from its temporary suspension as of April 20 by Dean of Students Kathleen McMahon.

The fraternity was placed on suspension after a sexual assault was reported March 31 during an event at a house where three Delta Chi members live.

Though the Title IX investigation of the reported assault is still ongoing, McMahon said she had gathered enough information to deem the event not affiliated with Delta Chi. The Title IX investigation is led by Title IX coordinator Brian Gnadt. However, McMahon oversees the status of the organizations involved in investigations.

McMahon said that at the time of the campuswide emergency notification of the reported sexual assault, she had to act fast and include any important information necessary to keep the Cal Poly community safe.

“That’s why it’s called a timely warning,” McMahon said. “We have to warn the community about any potential ongoing risk and use the facts that we have at the time.”

McMahon said she checked the address on Longview Lane and knew Delta Chi held a recruitment event at the house during Fall 2015, and she associated the house with the fraternity.

Delta Chi President and civil engineering senior Steven Pollock said the March 31 event was a birthday party for one of the unaffiliated roommates living in the house on Longview Lane. He said there were Delta Chi members at the party, but the event was not associated with the Delta Chi fraternity.

Pollock said Title IX investigators told him that the alleged attacker was not a Delta Chi member. McMahon said she could neither confirm nor deny this information.

Pollock said that ultimately, the university had to act in a way they thought was correct when informing the community about the reported attack.

“It’s in their best interest to protect the safety of their students,” Pollock said. “They felt they did that, and that was their decision to put our name with that event.”

Delta Chi is still on social probation as Cal Poly conducts a Title IX investigation of a reported attempted sexual assault at the fraternity house main house March 5. The fraternity is now able to participate in most greek life events, but is not able to hold its own registered events until the investigation is complete.

Pollock said even though the reported attack was not associated with Delta Chi, he and his fraternity do not want to discredit or deny anything that was reported.

“It’s still a very serious thing that happened,” Pollock said. “(Delta Chi) really has to take this time to look within ourselves and see what we can do as a fraternity to make this campus safer. We want to change the stigma around fraternities and make fraternity parties safe, and something that everyone can enjoy.”

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