President Armstrong responds to salary disputes: ‘You have a right to be angry’

Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong called for a listening session in Chumash Auditorium to discuss the faculty and staff salary issues at hand.

Top ten things you need to know about Cal Poly’s future

Cal Poly may soon be a year long school if President Armstrong’s master plan is passed.

Staff, faculty salary listening sessions continue

At a meeting Thursday in Alex and Faye Spanos Theatre, CLA staff and faculty voiced their concerns over current salary issues.

Mandatory on-campus sophomore housing still on the table, sparks push-back from ASI

“Could there be a policy someday? Maybe. That is within the realm of possibility.”

Cal Poly considers ‘year-around’ schedule, other plans for development

The “year-around” schedule will increase graduation rates but decrease the number of students on campus at any one time.

Diversity, housing, new buildings and sustainability encompass Cal Poly’s master plan

The goal is to house 100 percent of freshmen and sophomores.