Editors’ picks: Our favorite stories of the school year, so far

The new year is a time to both reflect and look forward.

San Luis Obispo stabilization program: the many ideas to integrate San Luis Obispo neighborhoods

Councilman John Ashbaugh, San Luis Obispo Mayor Jan Marx and Alliance of SLO Neighborhoods have their own ideas.

The ‘Isla Vista phenomenon’: San Luis Obispo city council tries to decrease the amount of student-dominanted neighborhoods

The plan is currently being looked at by Cal Poly administration, UPD, SLOPD, city council and others.

Restrictive marijuana law stalled at SLO council meeting

The proposed ordinance resulted from complaints about noxious odors from outdoor medical marijuana cultivation in a residential area.

City Council vets call for cooperation between Cal Poly and City Council

A petition signed by 28 past city council members arrived at City Hall on April 16 with the message: the San Luis Obispo City Council and Cal Poly need to collaborate more on the consideration of the future 1430-bed student residence hall.

No slashed budgets for SLO

In a time where two California cities recently declared bankruptcy, San Luis Obispo is steering clear of financial trouble. The San Luis Obispo City Council approved the city budget for the upcoming 2012-13 year on June 19, making this year the first…

New regulations to curb raucous behavior downtown

New bars and restaurants in downtown San Luis Obispo will face additional regulations, following the San Luis Obispo City Council approval of new use permits in June. The use permits will require that, among other things, new establishments serving alcohol…

Police cracks down on distracted driving

Walking around campus, it is not particularly difficult to find someone just asking to have a run in with the law. Skateboarders cruise down Perimeter Road, bikers run through stop signs and hardly anyone obeys the 15 mph speed limit…