Challenge the Status Quo highlights the 'power of hope'

The Challenge the Status Quo Conference on Saturday will take on stereotypes and promote change.

Academic Senate faculty backs quarters over semesters

“We think quarters are fine,” said Steve Rein, Chair of the Academic Senate. “There were no clear benefits of switching to semesters.”

LoverSpeak: Poetry reading event set for Tuesday

Whether you’re a cynic or a romantic, LoverSpeak has something for you this Valentine’s season.

ASI casino night coming to Rec Center

The event runs from 9 p.m. to midnight, and admittance is free with a Cal Poly identification card.

Student demand outweighed community concern in decision to build new housing

The university hopes to start the $200 million construction project next year and finish by Fall 2018.

Whovians celebrate show’s 50th anniversary

It’s a Saturday night, yet dozens of Cal Poly students are gathered in and around the new Baker Science building on campus. Many of them are wearing bow ties, foot-long scarves, or stalks of celery pinned to their clothes. Outside, there is a long table piled with food such as Jammie Dodgers and fish fingers and custard, while inside a playlist of classic rock songs blares from the speakers of a lecture hall.

The Whovians have arrived.

Twelve campus buildings experience hot water outage

Twelve buildings on campus are experiencing a hot water outage due to a pipe failure, Cal Poly spokesperson Matt Lazier said. The failure occurred Thursday night after a joint in the utility tunnel malfunctioned.

Cal Poly to honor alumni at banquet

Cal Poly doesn’t simply forget about students after they graduate, they honor those who deserve it.

IHC offers ‘triple threat’ celebrations for UCSB soccer game

For those looking for something other than a party or pregame before Friday’s soccer game against Santa Barbara, the Inter Housing Council is hosting a “dry” three-phase event with free food, music and frozen yogurt discounts.

Tibetan monks share Buddhist philosophy and science on campus

It’s not very often that you get to see a Tibetan monk use an iPad or bless your professor, so it’s no surprise that when two visitors from the Drepung Gomang Monastery came to campus Thursday, the classroom was so packed with students and other guests that many people were sitting on the floor.

Apple CFO presents “Careers at Apple” on campus

Cal Poly alumnus Peter Oppenheimer, the senior vice president and chief financial officer for Apple, will be speaking on “Careers at Apple” at the Performing Arts Center this Thursday.

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