From KCPR to The New York Times: Journalism alumnus Stacey Anderson shares her story

“I think you have to compete most of all with yourself to get ahead.”

The Audio Files: DIY music

Music needs honesty and originality — where did that go?

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If you missed the event, you can still watch KCPR’s Open Mic Night.

The Audio Files: Why college radio matters

Before the Internet, YouTube and iTunes, college radio provided a way for new bands to get exposure to audiences who craved new, alternative music.

The Audio Files: Opening your ears

“Then it hits me: All the thick static, dull pops and omnipresent roaring in the background are playing at that moment because that is the song.”

The Audio Files: Ghosts of records past

Your old taste in music is as important as it is embarrassing.

WATCH: KCPR Open Mic Night

KCPR hosts their quarterly Open Mic Night event in the Performing Arts Center Pavillion.