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Ticketmaster is Ruining Live Music

Ticketmaster has caused several stirs online for inflated prices, glitches, site crashes, presale code drama and hour long waiting rooms. Taylor Swift’s “Eras Tour” presale showed the world just how incompetent Ticketmaster is.  The problems continue because even though Ticketmaster has repeatedly displayed that they are unable to keep up with the large demand from […]

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Native American poetry and its portrayal of Indigenous reality

This article was originally published on KCPR, Cal Poly’s hub for the arts, music, culture, and entertainment of the Central Coast. The following article references sexual assault and violence. Cal Poly offers prevention education and confidential advocacy through Safer, which can be found at safer.calpoly.edu. Native American poetry brings forth a perspective that is completely […]

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An exclusive interview with local surf rock band, The Sandspits

Editor’s note: This article first appeared on KCPR.org, the website of Cal Poly’s radio station. Combine the Central Coast surf scene with catchy beats and energized lyrics and you have the San Luis Obispo-centered surf rock band, The Sandspits. Cal Poly engineering students, bassist Abby Neal, singer Lucas Erickson, guitarist Nilav Maulik and Los Angeles […]

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Shots for Shows: Local venues advocate for COVID-19 vaccinations through live music

The Fremont Theater’s “Shots for Shows” campaign gave the chance for people to unite over live music in a unique way during the COVID-19 pandemic — through getting vaccinated. Both first-time COVID-19 vaccine recipients and those returning for their second dose were offered tickets to musical shows at one of their two venues, The Fremont […]

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“It’s the worst feeling ever and I love it”: local artists look forward to the return of live music

Two weeks into the COVID-19 pandemic, local jazz-pop band Honeyboys released their first song, “I Just Wanna Know.” According to lead singer Ari Eisenberg, the lyrics “I just wanna know where you wanna go” undoubtedly resonated with emotions surrounding the lockdown. During most of 2020 and 2021, Honeyboys were unable to perform in front of […]

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DJ Spotlight: Yung Gazpacho

This post originally appeared on KCPR.org. Name: Liam Reece Year:  4th Major: Music  KCPR Schedule: Saturday 6-9pm What is your DJ name? Yung Gazpacho How did you select/create this name?  When I was in high school, me and my friends all gave each other SoundCloud rapper names, because we thought it was hilarious. It was a […]



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