The potential solving power of capital

Eric Baldwin is an electrical engineering senior and Mustang Daily libertarian columnist.

Power and responsibility in government

I like the Spider-Man films (well, not the third one, but who does?) and have liked them since they came out. Bless my little heart, I liked the catch-phrase too: “With great power comes great responsibility.” It was inspiring to…

Jurors hold a controversial power

I know of one way in which an individual can have power over the government by being a part of the system rather than working against it — it’s called jury duty.

Opening Our Minds Beyond A Linear World

Who would you vote for: Stalin or Hitler? Hopefully you’re thinking neither, despite the fact that you were presented with what appears to be a choice between the two.

Reengaging in the Political Process

I write this column because I want to make a difference, but making a difference isn’t necessarily getting people to agree with my position on various issues.

Stand up for yourself and stand on principles

This country was founded on several highly valued principles: they are outlined in both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Vote for freedom by getting involved

The government has the power to do just about anything, from taxing you a few percentage points, to taking thousands of dollars with income or property taxes, to imprisoning you and even in some cases, taking your life.