Memorial Day should focus on sacrifices, not victories

Memorial Day is a worthy holiday, and one that I believe Americans do well to give pause and reflection to. But this is not a day to celebrate wars or even fallen warriors. It is a day which we must mourn them both.

The ‘war on drugs’: the fight against a victimless crime

Either a man has a right to himself or he does not. If he has such a right, how can it be argued that he does not have a right to also harm himself or, as in this case, commit an act which the government happens to define as harmful?

Minimum wage blatently ignores non-monetary benefits of work

The minimum wage sparks a great deal of controversy because it is an emotion-laden topic. Such emotion is quite understandable as any talk on minimum wage naturally involves a discussion about poor people. And curiously, the prosperous and the well-positioned in our society, among them most college students, seem to never tire of amusing and exasperating themselves at dinner table debates over what to do or what not to do with the poor.

Dictatorships or democracies: all governments rule by force

We do well to fear the potential dangers inherent in any government, whether such government is of a tyrant or the fictitious “will of the people.” Government, even democratically elected government, is always the same. It is force, a force which can be used for good or bad, right or wrong.

The left’s unsettling silence

Last week, I labeled many of you cavemen, citing your unapologetic reliance on violent methods to attain your aims, whether they are of a right or left agenda. I do not withdraw my criticism as it remains true this week as much as it did last week.