The Constitution: The cornerstone of America

I cannot think of a more important document when it comes to politics, our rights, and what the United States stands for than the United States Constitution.

Rights and security – are we headed in the right direction?

It seems the Christmas “underwear bomber” has shined a spotlight back on the War on Terror, and I have been disappointed to say the least about the rhetoric I’ve been hearing from both parties on this subject.

Americans still have plenty to be thankful for

So rather than critique things or express what I’d like to see in the future, I want to focus on the things that I’m proud of and thankful for right now.

Predictor of the economic crisis a friend of the freedom movement

There’s a video on YouTube called “Peter Schiff was Right 2006-2007(2nd Edition)” which summarizes Schiff’s rise to an iconic status in the freedom movement.

Right to bear arms can provide protection

People need to be willing to accept the fact that from time to time, despite all our best efforts, mass shootings will occur. It is a very sad fact.

America can still move forward in times of turmoil

Even though the U.S. government is in a mess right now due to runaway spending and regulation, there are several ways the country can get back on track.

U.S. debt continues to be problem

The United States has been living outside its means for quite some time now. I think most people are probably aware of this to some extent, but I’m not sure everyone understand the consequences.

Welfare harms free enterprise economy

The government is supposed to protect our freedoms: “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” But it seems more and more of our politicians are confusing the “pursuit of happiness” with happiness.

Avoid Labels: Be Your Own Person

I’m willing to guess that the most common way to start a political discussion is with the question “are you a Democrat or a Republican?” From there, the discussion all too often goes downhill.

Letters: T-shirt disrespectful, Word on the Street answer inappropriate and more

Letters to the editor responding to a sorority T-shirt, a student’s quote about Kobe Bryant and Jeremy Hick’s last column.

Capitalists: society’s true humanitarians

Over the course of history, society has generally suffered only a minority of the population to act as professional humanitarians. After all, the career humanitarian is a unique breed. The humanitarian seeks alms for the poor and must, in turn, seek alms for himself to continue his alms-seeking vocation.