Summer parking should be free

Let’s be honest, Cal Poly is a ghost town during the summer. Students shouldn’t have to spend $115 on a parking pass when the parking lots are empty during summer.

Budget Beat

The chancellor’s office announced that spring admission will be closed on all CSU campuses in an effort to reduce the budget deficit. The California Faculty Association started voting on whether or not to approve furloughs Monday.

Blog: Deficit may force CSU employees to take pay cuts

The CSU Employee Union announced last week that it will enter talks about two-day a month employee furloughs to help with the impending budget crisis.

Credit card reform bill makes college living harder

The recently-passed credit card reform bill is a supposed effort to protect us poor, naïve students from being exploited by the big, powerful credit card companies preying down on us — but honestly, this bill stinks of exactly the kind of paternalism most of us have outgrown by the time we’re in college.

Bill is a chance to reevaluate American Dream

The Senate credit card bill had overwhelming bipartisan support, and passed 90-5 on Tuesday. The reason this bill passed could be a direct result of the involvement of the American public in the political process.

Resurgence of bartering an economic indicator that may offer hope for the future

Many businesses throughout the world are beginning to return to the traditional way of doing business that existed long before the creation of governments: bartering.

Women prefer men with something tender about them

Wealth is a product of the values of creativity, resourcefulness, ambition, intelligence and responsibility. Although money itself has a dollar sign in front, it represents much deeper values that by themselves don’t.