Harry Potter casts spell over midnight audiences

More than 800 people lined up in downtown San Luis Obispo for the midnight premiere of the sixth Harry Potter film on Tuesday.

Blog: Why are movie franchises being watered down?

Typically, I am stoked for these blockbusters when I first hear about them, but the excitement wears off once I find out that they have been edited and watered down to appeal to a more mainstream audience.

Respect talent: don’t steal your entertainment

During the past decade, online piracy has become rampant and a blatant disregard for artistic copyright socially acceptable. Online piracy isn’t just theft, it’s theft of the very artistic talent we claim to value the most.

X-Men 3: Flat lining end to a promising trilogy

Ryan Chartrand “X-Men: The Last Stand” is easily the most Hollywood of the “X-Men” films, but no matter how much I try to hate it, the fact remains: I want to see it again. You needn’t worry if you skipped…

Ship sinks, so does movie

Ryan Chartrand It’s a good thing Greek gods don’t interfere with humanity anymore or else everyone involved in the production of “Poseidon” would have found themselves impaled by a trident and their homes buried in the sea. “Poseidon” tells the…

The Da Vinci Code

I entered “The Da Vinci Code” expecting the most over-hyped film of the year. After seeing it, however, I realized I’d just seen one of the most over-criticized films of the year. Whether you’re a Christian or an Atheist, open- or closed-minded, “The Da Vinci Code” will please everyone.

Experience Palestine through the eyes of 'Arna's Children'

Christina Casci Israel versus Palestine. A war that has been going on for years. People are dying every day in both countries, but both think they are right. Who is right? Or more importantly, whose right is it to determine…

'An American Haunting' poorly rivals M: I-3

Ryan Chartrand Believe it or not, other films actually do come out on the same day that “Mission: Impossible” films make their debut. I’ve regretted twice now missing out on other films that have been overlapped by Tom Cruise’s shining…

Film changes world, one paper clip at a time

Guilt. It is something all human beings deal with; some more than others. It is the nauseating churning of your stomach when you lie to a friend or parent. It is the shameful heat felt inching up your face when you know you’ve made a mistake. Or it is the indescribably painful physical repercussion of remaining silent, paralyzed by hatred and fear, in the face of evil.

A 'Silent' new awakening

Ryan Chartrand “Doom,” “Resident Evil,” “Super Mario Bros.” These are only a few of the disappointing films that have stained theaters for the past decade, an era that many gamers and moviegoers have tried to forget. The words “Silent Hill,”…

All-star cast melts down competition in 'Ice Age' sequel

Kelly Cope “Ice Age: The Meltdown” is the perfect sequel to the first “Ice Age.” With ample humor to keep audience members of all ages entertained, the film’s interactions are what make the movie worth watching. The premise is simple.…