30-Minute update: Football player signs with Packers, local athletes compete at Special Olympics

Mustang News anchors Anna George and Ben Fletcher have this week’s top stories.

Musty the Mustang Facebook account run by student, not administrators

Cal Poly students have received Facebook friend requests throughout the year from an account called “Musty the Mustang.”

Wanted: New Musty the Mustang

Musty is required to follow a set list of rules, which range from not revealing his or her identity to never taking off the head while in public.

Q&A: The man behind the mascot

Walking tall with a giant smile, unkempt hair and cartoonish school spirit, environmental sciences senior Keegan Aspelund could be mistaken for Cal Poly’s own Musty the Mustang. In fact, the two are one and the same, and have been since…