Best-selling author to speak on memoir and novel

Black, white and Jewish.

That’s the title of best-selling author Rebecca Walker’s memoir — and the story of her life.

Grad’s novel hits Amazon

Recent graduate Aaron Rowley’s first novel, “Let There Be Care,” was released on Amazon in paperback on Thursday.

A poet, an engineer, an author — but above all, he is himself

Allison Montroy “When I was born, a pack of wolves was brought to its knees.” He takes a deep breath. “Frosted fur, whistling in the blizzard, they nosed at the mural painted by my mother’s blood and whimpered something…

NaNoWriMo already? S**t!

Aw shoot, it’s November 3rd! I am 3,334 words behind schedule and I’m wasting my time writing this blog instead of the next great American novel for National Novel Writing Month. Okay, not really writing the next great American novel.…

“Because I am Furniture” examines consequences of emotional abuse

What is a good novel? Does it have to have beautiful, lengthy prose? Something that has complex sentence structure?

Feminism underscores plot in “HERmione”

Fall is my favorite time of year. Friends, family, great food and, if you’re lucky, a warm fire and a good book to cuddle up with on those foggy, dreary days.

Quirky wedding tale is pleasantly offbeat and unexpected

Nicholas Weinstock’s “As Long as She Needs Me” is an engaging read on the nature of what it means to put your job before your own life and when it’s time to switch up your priorities.

Piece together “Catch-22” puzzle

“Catch-22” was published in 1961 and is named after a now popular phrase, “Catch-22” is the epitome of a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation.