Recent graduate Aaron Rowley’s first novel, “Let There Be Care,” was released on Amazon in paperback on Thursday. An e-book version will be available in approximately two weeks, according to Rowley.

To celebrate, here’s an exclusive video of Rowley performing “Dear Gaia,” a spoken-word poem he wrote for his hypothetical daughter:

YouTube video

The book’s publication was delayed for several weeks because of a minor editing adjustment.

On Thursday morning, Rowley made a public post on Facebook reacting to the release.

The post reads in part:

“Five years ago, I harbored a deep amount of anxiety and regret for choosing Cal Poly as a school. As an 18-year-old, my decision felt wrong when weighed against the established prestige of the university I had chosen not to accept. For whatever reason, writing became an immediate outlet for me. And what started as a note that I jotted down during Professor Murphy’s class during my first quarter of college evolved into a story that I’ve been waiting five years to tell.”

“Let There Be Care” follows the story of a boy who discovers a misplaced journal.

“As the story progresses, he realizes that there’s this group of people that need that journal back,” Rowley told Mustang Daily in March. “And they’re confronting him in really weird scenarios, pressing him for answers, asking him where he’s hiding it, and he realizes that there’s something sort of mysterious and magical about these people, and some fantasy elements start coming in. The story follows how he and those people become intertwined.”

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Mustang Daily File Photo
Mustang Daily File Photo

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