New Power Fruit smoothies developed for athletes

Cal Poly athletes have been drinking Power Fruit smoothies for some time, and they will be released to the general public at the Mustang Mile on Thursday.

New dietitian makes a wave of change

Students concerned with their nutrition now have a new resource available to help them make informed choices when eating on campus. For the last two months, Megan Coats — Campus Dining’s new registered dietitian — has been educating students on what dietary options are available at campus dining facilities, she said.

Maximize your meal plan

Transitioning to college is difficult, but using Cal Poly’s offered meal plans makes living away from home easier. Not having to cook every meal allows students to focus on balancing their time studying, working and hanging out with friends. But what happens when, halfway through the quarter, you run out of Plu$ Dollars? And how do you make sure you have a varied, nutritious diet every week of the year?

Nutrition and kinesiology: Two majors, many possible futures

Sam Gilbert is a journalism sophomore and a Mustang Daily health columnist.  We all went through the grueling college application process. The hardest part when applying to Cal Poly? Choosing the major that will lead to our future careers. It’s…