Shake Smart provides functional nutrition through a variety of delicious drinks. Courtesy of Shake Smart

The Recreation Center is kicking off the 2017-2018 academic year with the opening of a new, nutritious food option. Shake Smart, a protein shake shop founded in 2011, will be opening in front of the recreation center where the bike racks are currently located,  according to campus dining spokesperson Ellen Curtis.

Shake Smart was founded by two college students attending San Diego State University who saw a need for affordable nutritious options on college campuses. The venture sought to provide a protein option near recreation centers, according to one of the Shake Smart founders Kevin Gelfand.

“[Shake Smart’s] is ‘By students for students,’ because everything from the product to how we operate the business is built for students,” Gelfand said.

Why Cal Poly?

The idea for a Shake Smart to be brought to Cal Poly first began four years ago through a Cal Poly leadership recommendation, Gelfand said.

Courtesy of Shake Smart

“That was really the ‘Ah-ha’ moment for Shake Smart, [the idea] was to combine the customization and convenience of the traditional blended drink industry with the innovative benefits of the nutrition industry,” Gelfand said..

Campus Dining began considering the idea two years ago. With the help of Associated Students, Inc. and its University Union Advisory Board, Campus Dining surveyed students on whether they preferred a smoothie or protein shake option, Curtis said.

Unlike Lucy’s and Jamba Juice, Gelfand said that Shake Smart provides “functional nutrition.” This means that the shakes are made with only real fruits and vegetables and 30 or more grams of protein. The shakes are meant to serve as an on-the-go meal or a post-workout nutrition supplement.

“We are just serving a different need [than that of smoothie shops], we are serving people who are more health conscious” Gelfand said.

In order to further accommodate for the “on-the-go lifestyle” and incorporate technology, Shake Smart created an app so that students may pay via phone,” Gelfand said

Bringing more foot traffic to the Recreation Center

The location of the new establishment is designed to generate more use of the Reacreation Center and provide pre- and post-workout nutrition resources to gym goers, Curtis said. However, the new venue will not change the Recreation Center’s clear liquid-only policy.

Construction for Shake Smart began June 19 and is scheduled to be complete by the third week of August. The grand opening will take place Thursday, Sept. 21.

On the day of the grand opening, all Shake Smart shakes will be free of charge, according to Gelfand.

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